How The
Program Works

How the program works

  1. Become a Member:
    Sign up on the Prelove You website to become a member. Fill in the required details to create an account.

  2. Evaluate Your Children’s Clothing:
    Sort through your children’s clothing (up to age 12) and select items they no longer wear.

  3. Send Us the Clothing:
    Package the clothes and send them to: Prelove You LLC 108 Village Square #222 Somers, NY 10589 Remember to include your name and email so we can identify whom to award Prelove Credits

  4. We Evaluate Each Item:
    After receiving your clothing, our team will evaluate each item based on our quality criteria.

  5. Awarding Prelove Credits:
    You will be awarded Prelove Credits for all items that meet our criteria. Your Prelove You account will be credited accordingly.

  6. Browse Our Boutique:
    Use your accumulated Prelove Credits to shop for “new” items in our boutique. Select from a variety of pre-loved children’s clothing.

  7. Encourage Play:
    Encourage your children to play and have fun in their new clothes without worrying about getting them dirty!

  8. Return for More Prelove Credits:
    When your children outgrow the garments, you have the option to send them back to us. In return, we’ll award you more Prelove Credits. Alternatively, you can keep the items and recycle them in other ways.

  9. Shop Again:
    Continue to participate in the Prelove You community by shopping, exchanging, and enjoying sustainable children’s fashion.
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