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With a robust 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, spanning wholesale garment and textile sales, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most renowned brands in the business. The world of fashion was my home, a place where I thrived and made lifelong connections.

When I was blessed with my first child, a darling girl, I found myself irresistibly drawn into the realm of delightful baby couture. Each piece I chose for her reflected my keen aesthetic, so much so that typical hand-me-downs didn’t quite make the cut.

But life has a way of presenting us with surprises. With the news of my baby boy on the way, I refocused my attention to versatile clothes; those my daughter could wear and would later suit my son. After all, in just two short years, children outgrow a whopping seven sizes!

As someone with a deep admiration for vintage fashion, I was naturally pulled towards the children’s vintage clothing market. What I discovered, however, was an eye-opener. While I was aware of the environmental ramifications of the fashion industry from my professional journey, the sheer wastefulness of the children’s fashion segment was truly startling.

But every challenge brings an opportunity. My quest for affordable, stylish second-hand clothes for my children led me to like-minded parents. The realization that there were many others out there, eager for a sustainable yet chic fashion choice for their little ones, planted the seed for an idea. Why not create a platform where people can find pre-loved children’s clothing, without stretching their wallets or the planet’s resources?

And so, with a heart full of hope and a vision for a greener future, Prelove You came to life. Welcome, and happy shopping! 🌍💕

~ Rebecca

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